At Wyser, we always put People at the centre because we know that our work strongly affects their lives, as well as contributing to future growth of Companies.

At the present time, business models are changing at an extraordinary pace and one of the keys of success for an organisation is to have the right people in management positions. These people are the ones who are both well-skilled and fully embrace the company’s culture and purpose, strongly believing in its vision, mission and values.

Assessing candidates’ soft skills accordingly with our customer’s corporate identity and needs, is one of the steps forward in our Search & Selection methodology. This is the reason why, thanks to our Values and Experience, we are able to support our customers, enhancing their talent acquisition and hiring strategy.



Our method in evaluating a candidate’s potential is based on a tailor-made model designed to offer a wider vision of soft skills, behaviours, emotions and personal attitudes. The aim of our competencies model is to obtain increasingly qualified employees.

Our team of specialized and certified consultants, thanks to a structured Assessment Centre methodology focused on 4 main competences areas, helps assess the skills of the ideal employee so to find the right candidate from a short list of matching ones.

This is where Wyser Assessment Centre stands out.

proprietary methodology based on a competency model, combines a range of effective and objective assessment tools together with robust processes, to best drive and support organisations with their strategic talent development decisions.

Working with our Assessment Centre, our customers are able to:

  • Determine a candidate’s attitudinal and behavioural characteristics
  • Identify the best talent with the aim of choosing the most suitable candidate for the role
  • Facilitate the Client’s decision-making process
  • Identify any potential skills gaps
  • Provide candidates with meaningful feedback on their strengths and development areas to support them with their own career development and therefore increase overall profitability.

Wyser will follow each step of the recruitment process — from the search & selection phase in providing the company and candidates with meaningful feedback, to the hiring phase, helping both gain the success they deserve.


“We find, engage and assess talented managers that will positively impact your company’s future.”