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How to prepare for job interview

In order to increase your chances to leave a good impression at a job interview and become shortlisted candidate, it is necessary to be well prepared for the interview. What entails good preparation for a job interview? Collect as much as possible information about the company (via the company’s web page, from relatives, friends …). […]

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How does the selection process look like

The process of selecting and recruiting candidates may be more or less complex, and it may include any of the following activities: Collecting and screening resumes and online applications By going through received CVs or online applications, the employer seeks for key information related to the candidates’ work experience, skills and education. Telephone interview If […]

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How to write a good CV

If you want to increase your chances to be invited to the interview by potential employer make sure you prepare your CV according to the instructions below. The importance of adequate CVs Resume is your first contact with a potential employer. By looking at your CV an employer acquires first impression of you and decides […]

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