Wyser is known for its efficient and proactive approach in sourcing of potential candidates for our clients. We offer the expertise of our consultants who will apply the selection process that is tailored to meet the client’s needs, save time and help establish an effective team of professionals that will contribute to the achievement of long term business goals.

Depending on the position type and position level, in order to attract and provide an adequate pool of qualified candidates, Wyser uses a combination of different sourcing methods:

  • Direct Search (Executive Search)
  • Advertised Search
  • Database Search
  • Network Search

Direct Search (Executive Search)
When you are in a need of a specific profile of professionals which is rare on the market, or you are looking for the most suitable candidates for top management positions, we recommend the direct search approach when sourcing the candidates.
Having a systematic and active approach to the direct search process, our consultants are acquiring deep understanding of the specifics of the positions our client is looking to fill and carrying out a thorough research of potential candidates. We are looking for candidates that have the necessary experience and knowledge, as well as personality to suit our client’s organization. We aim at identifying up to 30 organizations that might be employers of top candidates in the given field and we are approaching them directly.

Advertised Search
The purpose of the advertising campaign is to attract professionals who are especially motivated to apply for the specific position, as well as to provoke the interest of individuals who are not actively looking for a job but might be interested in this particular opening. Wyser will prepare a specific media plan for each position that we work on and arrange the text and the layout of the advertisement. If needed, the advertisement will be placed under the name of Wyser and client’s identity will remain in full confidentiality.

Database Search
Wyser has developed a database of over 12.000 candidates from various industries and regions. Beside our own database, Wyser can also utilize databases of our sister companies in the region (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, etc.) as well as the world’s largest on-line databases, such as, in order to reach well qualified and suitable candidates currently not residing in Serbia but willing to relocate. Our consultants will screen all relevant applications from the database and will prepare a shortlist of potential candidates who will be invited to initial interviews.

Network Search
Wyser can take advantage of its personal and business contacts and will disseminate information about openings in client’s company through these information channels. These rather informal channels were proven extremely effective for the job openings with specific and non-standardized requirements.

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