The selection methods that are used depend on the position type and can consist of:

  • Competency Based Interview
  • Thomas International Assessment Tools
  • Psychometric Tests (ability and personality)
  • Assessment Centre

Competency Based Interview
Wyser will invite all long-listed candidates who fulfil general requirements to an initial interview In order to assess their qualifications, experience, motivation, expectations, personal values and behaviour, as well as suitability for the open position.

Thomas International Assessment Tools
Wyser has an exclusive Sub-License Agreement with Thomas International for Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Croatia. Thomas International is a worldwide leader in providing assessment tools and services used in selection, training, counselling, career planning, team bonding and team management. You can read more information about Thomas tools here.

Psychometric Tests
Depending on the specific characteristics of the position and client’s requirements, our psychologists will develop a battery of psychometric tests which are designed to evaluate specific competencies and personal characteristics required for the position our client is looking to fill.
Psychometric tests that we use in selection processes evaluate:

  • Abstract thinking and analytical ability
  • Mechanical and numerical abilities
  • Personal characteristics and motivation
  • Job preferences

Assessment Centre
Assessment Centre consists of a combination of several assessment tools such as: tests, interviews and various individual and group exercises that simulate job situations. This approach enables us to assess candidate’s competencies from different aspects and get a more detailed picture of the candidate.

Our Assessment Centre approach stems from Gi Group’s Competence Centre. It is a methodology aimed at identifying the set of personal, vocational and behavioural characteristics of the individual. The Competence Centre is an international work group formed by experts and professionals from every Gi Group country. It combines know-how and experience from the most effective best practices with innovative and successful solutions. The Competence Centre studies models, tools and practices in depth, sharing excellence through the common language of competence.

We recommend the use of assessment centres for the selection of graduates for entry-level positions, as well as for the selection of candidates for managerial positions. The whole process is based on the selection approach aimed at creating value for both the company and the candidate

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